Waste management to go – manage your business on your mobile 

This article originally appeard in Skip Hire Magazine. 

The rise of cloud computing

Are you or your staff using smartphones or tablet devices at work? Even if you’re not using them now, the likelihood is that your competitors are – or soon will be. Tablet and smartphone sales exceeded PC sales in 2011 and that trend is set to continue as more businesses are adopting mobile devices to work smarter, save time and cut administration overheads.

Today a single smartphone or tablet can be used for anything from route planning (sat nav) to job management and email.

What can you do with a tablet?

For the waste industry mobile devices (tablets/smart phones) can help from operations in the yard to back-office functions such as reporting and business management. A common use of mobile devices is for route planning and scheduling pick-ups/drop-offs for drivers, but there are many other scenarios for the waste businesses.Waste management system on a mobile tablet

A typical example is recording waste arriving on site. With a mobile app, workers in the yard can enter information into their mobile device about a load as it is arrives. The information is immediately visible to the back office team and waste reports are produced automatically.

For business managers and salespeople, having access to waste management systems on a mobile device means having up-to-date customer data and reports (literally) at their fingertips. Having this information accessible while on the road eliminates the need to return to the office for print-outs or call to verify customer details, meaning sales people spend more time out with customers and less time dealing with administration.

The IT problem – can your devices talk to your systems?

To be useful, mobile devices need to be able to talk to your business systems, however, providing this level of integration can be costly, particularly with older systems that have not been designed with remote access in mind.

One solution is for waste management software vendors to provide dedicated mobile apps for their systems, but users do need to be aware of which devices are supported by the software. There is little point in buying an app that doesn’t work on multiple mobile devices. For example, My Yard works on any Android device, whether smartphone, tablet or rugged PDA.

Cloud-based (also known as online) waste management systems such as My Yard Software work well with mobile devices because they are designed to be accessed from anywhere.

Mobile mayhem or mobile heaven?

For waste managers that can access their business systems remotely, mobile devices offer a clear opportunity to increase efficiency and improve customer service. If you’re not already using mobile in your business, shouldn’t you be thinking about it before your competitors do?

Find out more about award winning My Yard, the fully flexible online waste management software with pay-as-you go pricing, full reports accessible anytime, anywhere, simple-to-use interface, central backups and automatic software updates.

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How do users of My Yard Software use mobile devices for waste management?

Each customer uses My Yard differently, when away from the office, some customers just use the reporting parts of the system via a mobile, while others may use the waste tracking or sales management elements. Here are two examples:

Gavin Elliot at J.Doyle Ltd uses My Yard on a laptop when out of the office. He can check customer reports remotely, ensuring he always has the most up-to-date picture of the customer before each meeting.

Spotmix uses My Yard on a rugged smartphone to record waste moving into the yard. My Yard allows operators to record the different types of waste in a load and automatically generates site waste management plans (SWMP) – all with just a few clicks.

Is mobile access the only reason for using online, cloud-based waste management software?

Compatibility with mobile devices is just one reason to use cloud software. Because My Yard is online, it can be accessed from anywhere – and that means from a mobile, your home or even a customer’s office. Kenny Waste Management, uses My Yard’s customer dashboard feature to give its customers access to online reports. The dashboard shows customers their data immediately, so they don’t have to wait until the end of the month. Kennys use this as a selling point and have won new business off the back off being able to provide their customers with easy, instant access to this information.

Because cloud-based software is managed away from your site, you can cut your IT costs since you don’t need to install (or support) expensive servers. Further, because the software is updated centrally, whenever My Yard adds a new feature or function, all My Yard customers benefit from it without incurring additional costs.