Reporting for Site Waste Management Plans (SWMP) - the easy way

Reporting for the purposes of a Site Waste Management Plan (SWMP) can be a tedious, time-consuming, but essential task for skip hire companies working with customers in the construction business.
This article first appeared in The Skip Magazine.

Recording the actual contents of each skip received from a customer and tracking that information for reporting is not straightforward – it is difficult enough to estimate what is in each skip, recording that information, collating it and then producing reports for each customer days or weeks later. In a busy yard, when you want to focus on collecting and segregating waste, how do you find the time to do all the extra paperwork?

From a customer perspective, none of the techniques commonly used by operators for SWMP reporting is particularly satisfactory and the data provided is often inaccurate. The most common technique is to allocate a proportion of all waste handled to each customer based upon the tonnage of waste picked up from site, but this can lead to a shop fitter receiving a report that mentions soil and stone – clearly wrong!

Currently, SWMPs are required for construction projects with a value over £300,000 – legislation is expected to change so that non-construction projects will need to have an SWMP or equivalent. However, legislation and SWMPs are not the only drivers for more detailed recording and reporting of waste removed from site; environmental audits are becoming more common and customers need more accurate information about their waste in order to satisfy these audits.

Site Waste Management Plan (SWMP) reporting process with My Yard

My Yard, accurate waste reporting made easy

My Yard is a waste management system that makes managing waste and scrap metal business easier. My Yard runs online, which means that the system can be up and running in days rather than weeks, there are no up-front costs and no additional computers or IT support required in the office so even smaller waste management firms without a dedicated IT manager can benefit from streamlined reporting.

My Yard tackles the problem of getting accurate and timely SWMP reporting data through:

  • Automatic application of best practice guidance from the Environment Agency to calculations of skip contents
  • Multiple methods for entering data, including a mobile app so that operators in the yard can enter information directly into the system as waste arrives on site
  • Operators can grant customers direct, secure online access to their own reports

Created to meet the needs of waste management companies that want a flexible, cost effective and easy-to-use solution to reporting, sales and order processing, My Yard helps reduce the burden and time associated with paperwork and managing a waste management system in-house, allowing operators to focus on their core business. A growing number of operators are already benefiting from the simplicity and speed of reporting that My Yard provides. Will your company be next?

Case study: improving customer service

Differentiating his business in a crowded sector and providing high quality customer service were critical factors when Neil Mackey, Managing Director at Kenny Waste Management, was deciding which waste management system to use. “We chose My Yard because it’s evolved with the industry to meet the changing needs of our customers. While our customers, who range from local builders to large national construction companies were happy with straightforward facility reporting three years ago, they are now under pressure to provide more detailed information about the materials recycled from individual skips.”

My Yard’s reporting functions makes it easy for Neil Mackey to help customers comply with construction regulations, “My Yard provides us with the ability to create detailed reports very quickly, which is something that our existing customers already benefit from and also attracts new business.  Importantly, we didn’t have to take on additional administration staff or load up our team with more paperwork. We quickly got to grips with the My Yard system and are now using it to provide better service to our customers, who can log in to download their reports instantly, wherever they are. As reports are updated immediately, our customers can get a full view of what’s happening at any time 24/7. Feedback from customers has been incredible as they get full visibility of their business. Some of our customers like to log in every week to understand how their business is performing and they are impressed that reports are always up to date.”

Case study: My Yard’s reporting features help win new business?

Well, yes, that’s what Dave Tiplady Director of Spotmix Ltd found when his firm started using My Yard’s Site Waste Management Plan reporting and data capture features. Spotmix Ltd started using My Yard in November 2010 having looked at alternative waste management software. “We wanted a system that made it easier for us to manage the business and give our customers the detailed reporting they needed – without costing the earth”, said Dave.

Showing prospective customers the reports My Yard provides has helped Spotmix Ltd win new construction industry customers, “When we show customers the detailed breakdown that My Yard gives us of what is in each skip received from a customer’s site, they immediately see how what we’re offering is going to make their lives easier; the data can go straight from our My Yard system into the customer’s Site Waste Management Plan.”

The system helps operators to differentiate themselves – operators using My Yard can record detailed waste information as waste arrives on site and then provide detailed reports to customers within minutes or hours rather than days or weeks. Generating reports from My Yard is simple, after a quality assurance check the data is ready to go to the end customer – no more tedious and time-consuming jobs gathering all the data, formatting the reports and then distributing them!

Case study: Waste Management Plans (WMP) for non-construction businesses

Changing legislation means that detailed reporting for waste management plans is needed for many mines, quarries and agricultural businesses – but regulation isn’t the only driver; customers in other industries are looking for more information about their waste. William Nuttall, Managing Director of J. Doyle Ltd has seen significant growth in the demand for accurate, skip-level waste data, “Customers in all sorts of sectors/industries like engineering or manufacturing want the kind of information we can produce with My Yard - they want to know, what is in each skip that we collect from their sites – and what happens to that waste.”

For William Nuttall, My Yard simplifies assessing and recording what is in each skip, “My Yard makes recording the detail of what is in each skip straightforward – there’s even a mobile app so you can have someone down in the yard entering data directly into the system as the wagons come in. It enables our customers to get the accurate reporting that they want.”

Q&A with Geeta Thomas, Directory My Yard Software

Q: Why is My Yard a good sales tool?

Our clients tell us that they like to show their customers My Yard, how it works and what the benefits are. They’re always telling us how their customers are really impressed and that they love the reports they get. Waste skips is a fiercely competitive market place, it’s great that we can help our clients win new business.

Q: Do we have to estimate these %’s for every load that comes in?

It’s optional whether you enter this next level of information for the loads, so I’d only do it for the loads that come from customers who require that level of reporting.

Q: Do we have to use the mobile app out in the yard to capture this information?

No there are several ways you can enter this information into My Yard. If at a later date you decide you’d like to use the mobile app as well then that’s fine too.

Q: What else can we do via the mobile app?

You can say whether the load has any compliance issues and take a photo of any issues. Your customers can then get access to this information via their customer dashboard.

Q: Can we have our own version of the site waste management plan report?

At the moment we have several reports that show varying amounts of detail. If none of these suit, then just let us know what you’d like and we’ll try our best to create exactly what you need. We very much focus on offering a service not selling a product, so it’s all about keeping you happy, rather than the initial sale.

Q: How do customers view their reports?

You can give your customers access to a secure section of your My Yard system – your customers can then view their reports online 24x7. Alternatively, you can create customer reports directly from My Yard and then either email them or print them off for posting.


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