My Yard adds new modules to waste management software solution at RWM 2012


Stand 20F09, Recycling & Waste Management (RWM) Exhibition, 11 - 13 September 2012.  

My Yard, the award-winning online waste management software solution for skip hire companies, MRF, WTS and scrap metal processers, will be launching new modules to protect businesses from rogue scrap merchants, simplify weigh in of small non-ferrous loads and ensure that drivers can input information directly to the back-office systems from a mobile device.

My Yard helps to reduce paperwork, simplify reporting and comply with increasing regulation. Waste management and skip hire firms of all sizes from one-man bands to companies with over 20 wagons are already benefitting from My Yard’s easy-to-use internet interface, all-inclusive pricing, sophisticated reporting tools including simplified reporting for site waste management plans, constant updates, and availability anytime, anywhere.

New modules and functionality now available:

My Yard will launch new features for both scrap businesses and general waste management companies.

Specifically for the scrap industry:

Photo ID capture

With the police cracking down on scrap yards prior to the upcoming changes in legislation with regards to ‘cashless’ scrap, My Yard’s scrap customers will be prepared for the changes with the new photo ID capture for each person who sells scrap to them.

Mobile app for weighing in small non-ferrous loads

My Yard’s customers can now benefit from a new mobile app for weighing in small non-ferrous loads. The transaction is started on a mobile device wherever the metals are weighed in and the data can be instantly retrieved by the office staff so that they can pay the seller.

For all waste management companies:

A new driver app ensures that drivers receive details of the next job electronically. Drivers can also capture a customer’s signature on the device, which automatically updates the back office system. The customer can retrieve electronic copies of signed duty-of-care notes directly from My Yard’s online customer dashboard together with the accompanying invoice.  This offers a faster, cheaper and more efficient alternative to sending all the paper copies out in the post.

Existing companies already benefitting from My Yard include:

Leading supplier of skips and ready-mixed concrete to the North West

The company uses My Yard on a rugged smartphone to record waste moving into the yard. My Yard allows operators to record the different types of waste in a load and automatically generates site waste management plans (SWMP) – all with just a few clicks.

Skip hire company based in Edinburgh

The firm has significantly reduced the amount it was spending on software to run its waste management business. They wanted to add new functionality to their current bespoke system, but weren’t happy with the expensive quote they had received from their existing supplier, so they decided to switch to My Yard as we already provided the added functionality and NWH Waste Service could put an end to spiralling costs for updates. With My Yard, they only pay per wagon and we manage the storage of data and updates. As our interface is easy to use, we trained the whole company on the software in a couple of days, so there was no loss of productivity or stressed out staff.

The differences between My Yard and server based software for the waste management industry are summarised here:

Traditional server based waste management software My Yard online waste management software
Large upfront investment Flexible licensing options including pay-as-you-go
Additional cost and time for support, upgrades and backups Support, software upgrades and backups included without the need for on-site visits or downtime
Comprehensive training required Basic training as easy-to-use
Only available in your office Available anytime, anywhere
In-house or external IT services required No additional IT expertise
Need dedicated hardware No new hardware necessary
Infrequent and slow updates Frequent and fast product updates
Sold as a product, focus on acquiring new customers Sold as a service, focus on retaining existing customers