Third time lucky

“We’re working on a fix,” are words that Mike Williamson got fed up of hearing from the company that sold him a traditional software package to help manage his business… he moved online.

Mike is the MD of Stratford upon Avon’s MRW Skip Hire, a thriving skip hire and waste recycling business, with eight wagons and a waste transfer station for customers in the Midlands and Warwickshire.

MRW Skip Hire had used a well-known traditional software package for its waste business for five years, but as the company grew, there was pressure to find a package with additional features at a reasonable cost, while being easy-to-use for all staff. The software package MRW Skip Hire was using offered costly upgrades for minimal additional functionality, so the company switched to another software vendor, and this is when the trouble really began.

As with his previous software package, Mike purchased and paid upfront for the license and annual support and maintenance. The replacement system suffered from what he initially thought were teething problems, but unfortunately fixes (patches) were being sent to Mike virtually every week, and he began to feel like a software technician. The turning point came when the software corrupted MRW Skip Hire’s accounts package.

 After using two traditional on premise software packages, Mike was ready for a change. He wanted a reliable, flexible, cost effective software package with a range of up-to-date features that would make running his business easier.

He selected My Yard online waste management software as it was a completely new and fresh approach. He was particularly attracted to the fact that My Yard runs over the internet, is centrally backed up and offers comprehensive support. He rang one of My Yard’s existing customers and they gave the product and the My Yard team a glowing review.

“Good software, no hassle, works and is up-to-date – I’d recommend it to anyone.”

 As My Yard is a live system which is constantly updated, Mike now has visibility of the latest information on his whole business whenever he wants on his PC, laptop or mobile.

After having his fingers burnt by buying a license paid for up front, Mike also found that My Yard’s monthly subscription helped manage cash flow.

 The most common tasks that MRW Skip Hire uses My Yard for are: booking day-to-day jobs, 3rd party tipping in the yard, recycled products and segregated waste going out, and generating invoices and reports.

Since using My Yard, Mike has gained a better view of his whole business. My Yard’s responsive team has even customised the product by ensuring that My Yard integrates with Kashflow, the online accounting software MRW Skip Hire uses.

“In terms of keeping our customers happy, My Yard also identifies active and lapsed customers which is great for targeted marketing. Additionally, My Yard has helped us to attract customers via its ability to produce comprehensive Site Waste Management Plans and provide secure online access to reports.” Mike Williamson, MD, MRW Skip Hire

MRW Skip Hire has been using My Yard since 2011 and its future plans include exploring the other inclusive features and reports which make the package extremely good value.

My Yard was selected as winner within the ‘Best Enterprise Tech Company 2012’ category. See My Yard Software’s waste management system features or see My Yard in action.


Expert Column

Do I need to install software on my customers’ machines to allow them to have access to My Yard’s reports?

As My Yard runs over the internet, you won’t need to install the software on your end-customers’ PCs. You just need to give them secure log in details and they can log in whenever they need information via their iPads, smartphones or computers.

We find that this is an attractive proposition when our customers are in new business pitches and really helps them to differentiate themselves from other skip hire companies.

With My Yard software an end-customer doesn’t need to wait till the end of the month to get figures and reports. With up-to-date information, customers feel secure that they have a real handle on what they are spending.

Can my customers get access to information on our company network?

No, your customers cannot access data stored on your company network.

There are two ways for customers to access reporting via a customer portal. Traditional software installed on your PC sends copies of the data to another storage location and the customer accesses information there – this is not live data and copies need to be uploaded daily.

In contrast, the whole of My Yard is a web based system. Your live data is stored in a data centre with enterprise level security. When you use My Yard you’re accessing the data via a secure login in exactly the same way as your customers are. The only difference is that your customers have very restricted access and are only able to see their own dashboard.

Geeta Thomas
Director, My Yard Software