Manage via the internet

The article originally appeared in Materials Recycling World magazine

What is your product?

My Yard online waste management software helps waste businesses to save time, reduce paperwork, simplify reporting, win new business and comply with increasing regulation.

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How does it work?

My Yard has been developed to work via the internet on PCs, laptops and mobile devices, so there is nothing to install. After signing up for an account, the system can be accessed to manage orders, operations, invoicing, accounts and cash management and reporting.

How is it different?

My Yard provides a stress-free alternative to traditional software that sits on an onsite computer or server.

Where would it ideally be used?

In skip hire companies, MRFs, waste transfer stations and scrap metal reprocessors of all sizes — from one-man bands to companies with more than 20 wagons.

What are its benefits?

It is operational within days, rather than weeks; no new hardware is necessary; is available anytime, anywhere; offers photo ID capture; has a new driver app; and customers need only basic training because it is easy to use.


It is competitively priced for features and support.

Any savings?

With flexible pricing options, including a monthly subscription, My Yard offers low-cost entry, rather than the high initial set-up costs sometimes associated with traditional software.

What about maintenance?

My Yard is maintained centrally, so updates and back-ups are carried out automatically with no downtime to customers. There are no hidden future costs.

What is its lifespan?

My Yard is updated to grow with your business. Our monthly subscriptions keep us focused on providing the best product rather than securing the initial sale.

How is it future-proofed?

A development team listens to customers and adds enhancements. We have a roadmap of new features, and our software evolves to take into account new legislation and customer requests.

A user's view

Guy Middleton, owner of CH Middleton in Doncaster, said:

"We used traditional software hosted on-site for 10 years before switching to my yard. this hosted service removes the headache and expense of backups and complicated software updates.
"We receive instant, free updates, and the my yard team is continuously improving the software, which is a bonus for us because it means that we get the latest functionality immediately.
"The system is really easy to understand and use. My Yard's foolproof reports are also a hit with our customers, who can access them remotely at any time."