Waste businesses cutting costs with cloud computing

This article originally appeard in Skip Hire Magazine. 

Cloud computing cuts costs for the waste industry

Purse strings are being tightened across the waste industry as the double-dip recession begins to take its toll. Whether it is marketing, Friday lunchtime drinks or overtime, cutting costs isn’t an easy thing to do. However, it doesn’t have to be a knee jerk reaction, and this is where the relatively new software-as-a-service and cloud computing phenomenon can help.

Cloud computing for waste businesses is aimed at reducing the headache, hassle and critically cost of software. Traditionally, waste businesses have purchased and paid upfront for on-premises software packages which handle a range of activities including CRM, waste management or accounts. Woman cutting costs

Once the software was installed, the business would sign up for on-going support and maintenance. Cloud computing, however, offers hosted software-as-a service where companies pay a low, per-month fee and avoid the costs of computing resources, software licenses, and IT people.

Here we explore further how cloud computing can save your business money:


You pay for cloud computing resources on a usage basis, so only paying for what you use.

No need to buy expensive hardware

Forget the racks and servers. Cloud Computing provides you with access to resources that are off-premises, rather than in-house. This reduces or eliminates your reliance on servers, plus all the associated infrastructure and costs.

No costly maintenance

The software provider takes care of maintenance and updates, so there’s no need to pay for an IT person to manage the software.

Centralised automatic updates

Cloud computing offers central management where updates, fixes and patches are rolled out instantly across all users. So you’ll never receive CDs or have to roll out anything yourself…. which means no downtime.

No development costs

You may be tempted to bring in a developer to create a bespoke software solution. If you have extremely deep pockets, a good solicitor and plenty of time, go for it. However, cloud software vendors provide a happy medium as they can make changes quickly and easily so are more likely to take on board suggested improvements from clients. For instance, when our clients wanted SWMP reporting, we added it within a few weeks and it was rolled out to all our customers at no extra charge.

Created to meet the needs of waste management companies that want a flexible, cost effective and easy-to-use solution to reporting, sales and order processing, My Yard’s cloud-based software-as-a service helps to reduce costs so leaving a waste management company to focus on its core business. A growing number of users are already benefiting from the reduced costs associated with could computing. Will your company be next?

Questions and Answers

Have any of your clients saved money by using software-as-a-service?

Yes, NWH Waste Services, a skip hire company based in Edinburgh, has significantly reduced the amount it was spending on software to run its waste management business. They wanted to add new functionality to their current bespoke system, but weren’t happy with the expensive quote they had received from their existing supplier, so they decided to switch to My Yard as we already provided the added functionality and NWH Waste Service could put an end to spiralling costs for updates.

With My Yard, they only pay per wagon and we manage the storage of data and updates. As our interface is easy to use, we trained the whole company on the software in a couple of days, so there was no loss of productivity or stressed out staff.

Does the price charged by various software providers reflect how good the software is?

Absolutely not. We understand your concerns about choosing a software provider. A lot of our customers have had bad experiences with other providers. Do not believe the ‘yes man’ that tries to sell you the software. Go and speak to customers using the software, and it’s useful to speak to customers who have experience of more than one waste management system. Also, consider ease-of-use carefully, as waste management software systems are very different, some being a lot more cumbersome to use than others.

We know the waste industry; we’ve worked in the industry and understand how important it is for you to have software that will make your life easier.  Not only is My Yard built with the latest technologies, we will keep your software running and update it…all within our monthly fee.